Loving Substance

Just started learning some Substance Designer and I'm really loving it. It's technical enough to get my left brain satisfied, but then the right kicks in and the art happens for a great synergy.

After watching a bunch of tutorials and making a couple of basic materials I wanted to try my hand at a custom project. My friend Tyler Sorg was making a car and I saw that he needed a nice carbon fiber material. He was modeling the Koenigsegg One:1 and I took a look at some reference images to familiarize myself with the material. It was a basic weave with, you guessed it, fibers in the threads. Below is the material inside of Marmoset, Some keyshot renders can be seen here, and you can find the car renders from keyshot here...

Textured O2 Tank

Man, this thing is looking sexy now. dDo is such an amazing tool. Really starting to get the hang of it and adding in custom elements. Think I got the glass transparency working too and the dial is definitely looking real sexy. I did the text in Photoshop but had to resort to Illustrator to get the tick marks just right. Now to just get some beauty shots done in Marmoset. Here's a quick peak.

Gas Mask Update

Really loving dDo I must say. I redid the mesh a little, which meant redoing the UVs. Not too big a deal since the last texture wasn't super. Figured out how to update maps on current projects by just saving over files. Didn't do it here, but good to know for the future. I think it'll work for new meshes as well, but I'll have to experiment with that later. Here's the updated mask model with textures applied.

Round 2 of textures.

Posed the wrong way

Well, class is almost done. I had to jump ahead even though I'm not done with the modelling yet, but it was part of the assignment. Here's the result. At least I got a chance to see what Marmoset can do, and I'm loving it. Even threw in my own custom sky box. Can't wait to start doing this kind of treatment to all my models.

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