Global Game Jam 2018

Went to my first game jam over the weekend and had a blast! There were many amazing games made and I met a whole bunch of cool peoples at the jam space in Greenfield, MA.

While I was hoping to do more 3D art I did end up making some cool sprites for our game which can be found at

Here are the Bacteria Designs I made for our game.


And this is the cool cover page the other artist on our team made. ArtMuffin


Feeling like crap :(

Well, I guess ArenaNet didn't like my work or I was too late to the party. Either way I got rejected and now I feel horrible. I was really starting to get excited at the prospect of moving out to Seattle to learn more about game design. Time to move on though and hope another opportunity presents itself soon.

On the up side, PAX East 2014 is right around the corner, so at least I've got that to look forward to, and TableTop day is on Saturday.

In other news, here's the pattern I made for the Norn's skirt design. Done in Illustrator in about 2 hours. Had to make up a lot of it since the original concept was obscured quite a bit. Also, I made some fur in Max and rendered out an AO Map and Alpha to use on the back skirt.

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