Modular Environment Set

Sci-Fi Hallway created for Environment Master Class with David Lesperance taken through UArtsy.

My idea was to create a Factory like environment to fit a level I've been creating. Screenshots are from Unreal Engine 4.

Main Tunnel Part. In an effort to save texture space I unwrapped the following meshes onto one sheet. The meshes themselves were brought into Unreal separately. These section can be seen above.

Wall  Polygons: 5,790   Triangles: 11,424       Floor  Polygons: 1,130   Triangles: 2,265      Wall Cover  Polygons: 818    Triangles: 1,632 


Normals + Emissive

Here's the main Wall Texture sheets. It is also part of the Inner Corner Piece that I made and can probably be used for any additional modular sections. e.g. Outer Corner, 45 Corners, etc. It's 2048 x 2048.

Door plus the doorjam. The Gears are on a separate map which is only 512 x 512. This one is 2k because of the shear number of pieces. Unfortunately the gears are super hi poly in my opinion. They work great and animate perfectly, but for where they are an alpha texture might have be better. Though it would have complicated things in Unreal.

Polygons: 6,313   Triangles: 12,230              Gears   Polygons: 5,569   Triangles: 10,174

Doorway piece. Simple little guy to break up the hallway repetition. 1024 x 1024

Polygons: 1,707   Triangles: 3,358

Here's the Inner Corner Floor section. Because it's basically all floor, I could definitely use this as a texture atlas for more variations. Ended up making a center piece because of seam issues. Upper Left corner has been moved to a smaller 512 map that also includes some wires. 1024 x 1024

Polygons: 1,473   Triangles: 2,950

And here's a deco piece that I wasn't sure was going to make it in before the end of the class, but after making the other pieces with dDo, the process was much easier to follow and there were far less materials to consider. Could use some tertiary detailing, but it's on the ceiling and mostly in shadow. 1024 x 1024 on this one also.

Polygons: 4,128   Triangles: 8,232

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