Doctor Who Newbery TARDIS Game Prop

Newbery TARDIS. I made this prop to go along with my Amy Pond character model. 3DS Max was used to create the low poly and hi poly models. I then used xNormals to bake out the initial normal map and occlusion maps. nDo2 was used to add in the wood grain to the normal map as well as to add in some details to the windows. This made for a good texture, but it was too clean. I ended up using dDo to dirty it up some and add some wear and tear. This also helped to refine the specular and gloss maps as they were too flat in the first version.

I used 2048 x 2048 Diffuse, Specular, Gloss, and Normal Maps for this project.

The poly count is high because of the lamp housing and the handles on the doors. These could be reduced by 600 - 800 polygons though to lower the count if necessary.

Polygons:  1,892  Triangles: 3,676

Clean texture vs. Worn/Dirty texture comparison shots. Worn texture is applied on the right.

Texture Comparison

Texture Comparison 2

Wire Frame and Normal Map Renders

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