Sunken Treasure

New Project under way is to create an underwater scene in ZBrush. Did a quick sketch to work out my plan of attack. Started some base meshes in 3DS Max and then immediately moved into ZBrush. Got the Brain coral started and then went to town on the whiskey barrel. Really like how the wood texture came out. Next up I think should be the Treasure Chest, then probably some work on the Reef piece.

Final class, new Project

Last class of my Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Education!

It's been a long ride, but I'm almost done. This last one should be good. It's another Character Modeling class. I'll be creating Amy Pond in here Police Outfit from The Eleventh Hour. Needed a female character to add to my portfolio so why not her I said. I'm following Ryan Kingslien's book Realistic Game Characters so it should be good. Gonna end up doing most of the work in ZBrush.

Here's a drawing I did to familiarize myself with the character.

Health Bar Concept

Thought I had posted this earlier, but I guess I forgot. Made this for part for my Mountain Man Dan game as a potential health meter. The Vines would grow as you progress and wither as you loose health. Not sure I like how the ammo counter turned out, but I really like the mushroom and vines.

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