3DS Max

You feel lucky, punk

Finished up the Colt .45 model I've been working on. Super happy with the results of the normals and the texture came out really well I think. I watched the Digital Tutors video on this, but deviated at the end to make a more precise version. I'll be texturing this in Mari later as well to see how the program compares to using dDo.

Check it out in my Props section.

Whovian back from the Holidays

Sorry for the long hiatus. The holidays really took it out of me.

I needed a little break from the Underwater scene so I decided to start work on a TARDIS model to go along with my Amy Pond model. Will probably do a little work on her before finishing up the underwater scene.

Here are the results along with a new gallery section. The image below is an early render from Marmoset before I added in wear and tear with dDo.

Check out the new gallery page too!

Sunken Treasure

New Project under way is to create an underwater scene in ZBrush. Did a quick sketch to work out my plan of attack. Started some base meshes in 3DS Max and then immediately moved into ZBrush. Got the Brain coral started and then went to town on the whiskey barrel. Really like how the wood texture came out. Next up I think should be the Treasure Chest, then probably some work on the Reef piece.

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