You feel lucky, punk

Finished up the Colt .45 model I've been working on. Super happy with the results of the normals and the texture came out really well I think. I watched the Digital Tutors video on this, but deviated at the end to make a more precise version. I'll be texturing this in Mari later as well to see how the program compares to using dDo.

Check it out in my Props section.

Sci-Fi Hallway almost done

This piece is really starting to take shape. Finally got all the pieces into Unreal and now I just need to finish up some of the texturing. I've got the door animating but having some trouble getting the blueprint to actually trigger the animations. Hopefully I can render out a video when all is said and done so we can see this bad boy in action.

Learned a ton about dDo this go around and reaffirmed my love of nDo for generating tertiary details on the normal maps. Was fighting with the Quixel Suite for a while, but I think I've got the workflow down now. Well, at least I've got a general idea of what to do. Might not be a perfect workflow, but that will come with more practice.

UE4 Screenshots

Whovian back from the Holidays

Sorry for the long hiatus. The holidays really took it out of me.

I needed a little break from the Underwater scene so I decided to start work on a TARDIS model to go along with my Amy Pond model. Will probably do a little work on her before finishing up the underwater scene.

Here are the results along with a new gallery section. The image below is an early render from Marmoset before I added in wear and tear with dDo.

Check out the new gallery page too!

Textured O2 Tank

Man, this thing is looking sexy now. dDo is such an amazing tool. Really starting to get the hang of it and adding in custom elements. Think I got the glass transparency working too and the dial is definitely looking real sexy. I did the text in Photoshop but had to resort to Illustrator to get the tick marks just right. Now to just get some beauty shots done in Marmoset. Here's a quick peak.

Gas Mask Update

Really loving dDo I must say. I redid the mesh a little, which meant redoing the UVs. Not too big a deal since the last texture wasn't super. Figured out how to update maps on current projects by just saving over files. Didn't do it here, but good to know for the future. I think it'll work for new meshes as well, but I'll have to experiment with that later. Here's the updated mask model with textures applied.

Round 2 of textures.

Working on some old projects

Here the first pass on a gas mask I made. Trying out dDo and after using it for a while I believe that I need to redo my UVs. Hopefully I can get the materials to migrate over, but I'm afraid that it won't actually happen so I'll just have to start over. More practice with the software I guess. 

First pass on textures for the gas mask

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