ArenaNet Character Internship 2014

Guild Wars 2 Norn Warrior Internship art test submission.

Images, Resume and individual texture files can be downloaded in this zip file or from dropbox.

I used 1024 x 1024 Diffuse, Specular, Gloss, and Normal Maps for this project. There was also an alpha map embedded in the Diffuse to get the fur to look nice. Gloss map was added to the Specular alpha channel to conserve space as well. I ended up using dDo again and got some great results this time because of the different materials in the model.

Triangles: 7,500  Not sure on the exact Polygon count since I ended up triangulating some places manually. Built using Quads.

Normals On Low Poly Model

Wireframe Renders

ZBrush Hipoly Sculpt

And here are the textures in all their glory. I worked on them at 2048 x 2048 and then reduced them to 1024 x 1024. Actually quite surprised at how nice they still look at the lower resolution. 

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