Amy Pond

Posed the wrong way

Well, class is almost done. I had to jump ahead even though I'm not done with the modelling yet, but it was part of the assignment. Here's the result. At least I got a chance to see what Marmoset can do, and I'm loving it. Even threw in my own custom sky box. Can't wait to start doing this kind of treatment to all my models.

A little more progress

Did some refining on the vest and decimated the hair. Got a lot done, but I still have so much more to do. Most of the work I did the week will have to be redone, but oh well. I'll just chalk it up to practice for the final version. I had to get some texture maps into Max so that I could submit the material for class. So not ready for that stage yet, but I baked out a bunch of normal maps and redid my UVs. It actually gave me a good idea of what can go where. So far I've got 3 maps. One for the skin type sections and another for the Accessories; Vest, Skirt, Shirt, Shoes, etc. The last one will be for the hair, but I still have a couple of other things I'd like to make after the class is done. e.g. handcuff holder, batton, watch. So maybe there'll be a forth map or just some better use of space.

Anyways, I should go to bed. It's late. Here a turnaround from Zed Brush.

Hair WIP

Interesting technique for making hair. I likey. Start with a ZSphere and use ZSketch to make the base mesh(Left Image). It then creates a unified skin(Right Image). Then you can go nuts and start sculpting in the hair. Still need to practice a lot more with the various brushes, but it's really starting to make sense.
Had to split up the model a little more. Sleeves are separate from the vest and the skirt is now also separate. So much more still left to do, but I've got to get skip ahead for class. Gonna have to cut some corners until class is done and I can revisit the sculpt. :( Will have to get the model into Maya by the end of the week so I'll have to forgo a final passes on the model til May 16th. Oh well, It'll get done soon enough.
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