Mix of Photogrammetry objects and simple models. Rendered in Marmoset. 
Paint Tubes and Large Paint Brush were from scan data. The rest were modeled in 3DS Max and textured in Photoshop.



Used Paint Tube

Scanned from 32 photos and then textured inside of Substance Painter to adjust the Albedo map. Roughness and Metalness maps were also created with the use of Photoshop and Substance Painter.

ZBrush and Max were used to retopologize and project details from the super high poly to a lower polygon count mesh.


Polygons: 4,759 Triangles: 9,480

Phthalo Blue Paint Tube

Scanned from 100+ photos. ZBrush spotlight was used to augment the textures that Agisoft Photoscanning software spit out. Had a hard time getting the threads on this to scan right so I just made them inside of 3ds Max and projected the albedo inside of ZBrush.

Added an ambient occlusion pass from xNormals into Marmoset and it seems to add a touch of more realism. I also added in a secondary reflection set to Newton Rings for the wet paint areas for that extra sparkle of life.


Polygons: 4,348 Triangles: 8,144

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