Guarana the Minotaur was a character I developed for my Game Production Team class. The base model was created in 3DS Max and then taken into ZBrush to sculpt the details and paint the textures. I then animated him for a cutscene in the UDK game we were creating. The video on YouTube is a render from 3DS Max. The UDK version looked better in my opinion, but that may have been due to the camera also moving. 

The Minotaur. The base mesh was started in 3DS Max and then taken into ZBrush for further refinement. 

4096 x 4096 maps were used on all the textures because of the prominence of the character in the game. A special 2k map was made to facilitate a material transition effect in the Unreal Engine. Texture painting was done in ZBrush with some levels tweaking done in Photoshop for the specular map as well as the creation of an emissive map.

Rigging was done in 3DS Max using Epic's Krall rig as a base in order to reuse the animations already in UDK. A special cut-scene animation was then made in 3DS Max and exported as an FBX file.

Polygons: 5,696     Triangles: 10,766

Flat Render

Wire Frame on Flat Render

Normal Map on Low Poly Model

Material Transition Node Tree

The Minotaur's Weapon. The base mesh was created by another student and then I created the high poly version in ZBrush. I then created the normals using xNormals.

All textures are 2048 x 2048. The Diffuse Map was started in ZBrush and finished in Photoshop. The Specular Map was generated from the Diffuse and refined to make the edges of the weapon seem highly polished while maintaining an even specular highlight for the rest of the weapon. An emissive map was made by baking out a Cavity map from ZBrush and then inverting it in Photoshop.

Polygons: 431   Triangles: 852

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